A New Musical in Two Unspeakable Acts

By T. Sivak and E. Gelman
Cast: 3 Men/3 Women
Band: 3 Musicians and a Drummer (Musical Tracks also available)
Running Time: 2 hours including intermission

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It's that same old story:
Girl Meets Boy
Girl Gets Decapitated
Boy Keeps Her Head Alive in a Baking Pan

Anything is possible, when a monstrous-looking Master of Ceremonies uses his Artistic License to improve upon one of the worst movies ever made, by adding music, dance, and a 3-D Finale of Good vs. Evil.

It's 1961 and Nurse Hedy Devine thinks she has found the perfect fiancée in the handsome and brilliant Dr. Dick Cuttingham, until she becomes decapitated in a car accident and Dick keeps her head alive in his secret laboratory. Trapped in a baking pan filled with Dick's new untested Miracle Drug, Adreno-Serum, Hedy watches helplessly as Dick schemes to find a female body to transplant onto her head.

The Adreno-Serum used to keep Hedy alive has unimagined side effects as she develops Psychic Powers. Vowing to find a way to stop Dick's ghastly new experiment, she partners with the unseen Monster in the Closet and waits for her moment.

The 3-D climax arrives as Hedy and the Monster in the Closet engage Dick in "THE TANGO OF DEATH!" When the fight ends, the lab is in ruins and both Dick and Hedy are dead.

But the cast revolts against this tragic finale and takes the stage to provide a Surprise Happy Ending for the audience ("THERE IS A PATTERN"). Dick and Hedy marry, and everyone rejoices under the rainbow in Living Color...until Dick and Hedy drive off into the sunset and the unthinkable happens again.

Performed primarily in black-and-white with all the campy seriousness of a B Movie Cult Horror Classic, the cast of six plays over 30 roles and the onstage band of four musicians perform numbers such as "A GIRL COULD LOSE HER HEAD OVER YOU!", "LET ME DIE!" and "THE TANGO OF DEATH!"

You'll laugh your head off!